Re: Overnight at Dexter/Lowell marina


Huh!!  Sounds like a way to leave the boat in slip for up to 4 week ends on a "use as desired"  basis.  Then use it when you want to have access during good weather, work on trailer rails, or could save gas to not drag it back and forth.  I'd do that when I had friends visiting that might like a putt around, without the ramp hassle.  It's easier for some things, so I'm curious about the options of doing limited or short term rentals, at  other lakes, when they get fuller than now?

Theft is the big issue, and sounds like Dexter all locked up would be ok for that.  Cottage grove area,  Dorena looked abandoned the other day.  Dorena had a bunch of  ??? campers lounging and smokin: !!

How did Thursday lunch go ??? -----------  Cal

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