Re: The new "gassie" found me today

Richard Green

Ok, NOW we’re talking something really important!!  Where is the Cowboy Dinner Tree?  Finding a good steak is now worse than the proverbial needle in the haystack and I’m prepare to travel (as soon as wife’s just replaced hip permits) to find one.

Rich G

On Oct 15, 2021, at 8:07 AM, Electri-Cal <calboats@...> wrote:

As a  note, you are right John.  I meant that no unusual sounds came out,  With the cover off, nothing sounded amiss.  Yep, should have put some oil in the spark plug holes, and then done a second test.  I got all new lubricants coming in, after figuring what to get on line.  I have no factory instructions, so I'm not going someplace without a good look at what's correct.  There are special products for the smaller outboards, some that were for that year motor that need to be found,  Four strokers seem easier, like lawn mowers.  Oils have changed, and I don't want to do something not a good idea.  The best most comprehensive work on this is applied to the Mercury version.  No surprise there, but I try to follow several that agree, when I find them.  Some reports are obviously by idiots looking for anybody who will look at bad movies, and semi-obvious small mistakes. 

Like most, I have always done lube jobs putting enough to see NEW lube coming out.  "Filling short",  to leave partial old dead lube in place is common.  I say that in particular for lower unit leg and the swivel joint.  Mine does have a dry sound, which I don't like, but I will re fill both "zerks" when new lube gets in.  It looked like two different lubes were used, colorwise,  One of the things that might occur with different owners, will have to see by next week.

Got served a 42 oz, plus steak (roast) last night. Perfect, in every way, so we saved most of each for several more meals as usual.  The Cowboy Dinner Tree is worth every nickel for tender and flavorful meat.  Once a year in the past we would do this along with the Paulina coots trip.  Missed doing that, but the fall drive, with pronghorn deer as roadies, and an excellent meal are worth it, the reservations are weeks out sometimes.

Ready for More coffee this am, Later,  Cal

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