Re: Overnight at Dexter/Lowell marina


Better check to see if you get a key to the park gate when you rent a slip. <g> They had a problem after the Great Recession fell on us with people living on their boats at Dexter. Of course the State couldn't allow that! Some of the boats were pretty seedy, and some didn't have up-to-date registrations, but, IIRC, the response was to make it harder (impossible) to do at all, rather than addressing the problems...

On 10/15/2021 1:40 PM, Case wrote:
Seems like a bargain at $47 a month. Can’t even rent a motel room for $47 a night anywhere let alone a month.
If you weren’t to a campground and paid the nightly fee for a weekend you’d be at that price. More if you were at a fancy State campground and had full hook ups.
Do those rates go up during the on season? I’d be tempted to get a floating condo to put there.
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