Re: Raster Nautical Charts -- Bye Bye Soon


I thought I had a set of NOAA raster charts from last year, but it turned out to be from January of this year. I compared that 13th CGD file list with the file list from the download the I made the other day. No difference. Then I found a set of charts from 2017 and compared that file list with one from this year. The only difference was that "Chart 531 Gulf of Alaska Strait of Juan de Fuca to Kodiak Island" was missing in the newer file lists. A small scale chart like that, that's mostly used to find larger scale charts, will work fine now, even though it's four years out of date.

So, the sky hasn't fallen yet, but we need to keep track of what NOAA's up to...

On 10/13/2021 1:31 PM, I wrote:
I'm gonna make file listings for the unzipped new downloads and older versions, then compare them using my text editor. Then, until 2025, I'll regularly check with NOAA to see which charts are are scheduled to be jettisoned.
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