Raster Nautical Charts -- Bye Bye Soon


They're supposed to go away altogether by 2025, but when I was noodling around on my tablet and tried to get raster nautical charts in GPS Waypoints Navigator (a handy Android program that displays a bunch of different types of charts and maps) it warned me that NOAA is discontinuing support for raster charts, and that I should try the ENC (vector) charts. I did, and I wasn't impressed. :o( If you're a big vessel and have to stick to the channel anyway, I suppose they're OK.

I'm worried about something in NOAA's page about the future of their charts, "in a November 2019 notice in the Federal Register, NOAA announced the sunsetting of its traditional paper and raster nautical chart products. Cancellation of individual charts started in 2021 and will be completed by January 2025." I was hoping we could get the latest raster charts for a while yet, but it looks like They've already started to kill raster charts. <sigh> I downloaded the October 7th batch, and will check to see if it has fewer charts than a batch from the past. Anyway, don't get rid of the raster charts you've got now.


Here's where to download NOAA charts:



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