Rain in Cootland??


Do I properly assume that rain is returning to the Coot redoubts?  Jamie and I got home from our Montana Odyssey in a continuing cold rain that lasted another day.  Here’s hoping there will be more water to sound around in at FR come next spring.  Remarkably the rivers that associate with Flathead Lake, and even those on the back side of the hill (Rocky Mtns) seemed to be up on their Plimsol marks.  Dunno where it all came from.  I suppose we towed Walkabout about a thousand miles, and spent a coupla’ days in and about some of the most-famousest country south of Glacier and north of Jellystone.  Mr. Brogans, Walkabout’s trailer, followed along without complaint from those lavished-with-care wheel bearings.  As a died in the wool acrophobe, I’m hoping to get my fingers to release the steering wheel and regain their color one of these days—lotsa’ two-lane mountain roads in our recent rear view.  Dan and Jamie the Seadog, back home in Almostcanada, 29 Sep 21.

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