Re: Yaquina Bay Messabout Date


I think we can make July 14-15.
I've got a Dr's appointment on the 12th to see if the bone graft
"Took" or whether I have to put my neck back on the chopping block,
but should be able to make it if all OK.
Not sure which boat to bring. Would still like to bring Rapid Robert.
With it's 15 Seaponies should be able to do some tow work.
(We both even got the New Motor Boat licenses befor the Deadline.)
And bring "Boat Box" delivery truck.
If not, will be the "Toad" on the Subaru again, and I can carry it
even in the shape I'm in. It holds the two of us very cozily, but
won't be able to negotiate much rough water or long distances.

Keep us informed. Sounds like fun.

Pat Patteson
Molalla, Oregon

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John: We could make July 14 work. Negotiating the "L" channel
after launch is a problem. We will have our 4hp in the dory well; so
one solution is to tow the sailboats a bit.

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Perhaps we should start discussing a date for the Yaquina Bay
I'll put in a bid for the 14th of July, a Saturday, for no reason
than that it's in the middle of the month.

John <jkohnen@b...>
There are two means of refuge from the misery of life - music
and cats.
<Albert Schweitzer>

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