Re: Richardson Marina Survey and Lunch, This Thursday

Brian Gage <jamesgage637@...>

Bob, I calculated my fuel cost for tomorrow's round trip at just under $50 gas only + incidentals.
I'm going to save that fifty bucks for a later trip.

On Wed, Sep 15, 2021, 3:50 PM Bob Larkin <bob@...> wrote:
Brian, it would be great to see you.  I have the Pinguino Sport tied to the top of the car, now.  I would guess that to need another boat would require a second group of  people.  Do we have that?  My guess is that we will not e able to support a second boat.

The pulling line (without 10-ft marks) can sink and still work.  The other end with 10-ft marks needs to float, in order to know that it is taught and to see the marks.  The latter floating line I  made up and it is ready to go.  As we learn, we should be able to measure going both ways, using the floating line to pull. 

There are about 25 paths between, say, the A and B docks.  If we measure every 10-ft, that would be about 10 measurements per path.  Including the areas outside of the A and E docks, there are 6 sets of paths.  So, the total number of measurements is about 6 x 25 x 10 = 1500 measurements.  If each took 30 seconds, on the average, it would be about 12 hours.  Some areas might be easy to beat 30 seconds, but not others such as NW of the E dock.   Thoughts?

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