Re: Sweet One

Brian Gage <jamesgage637@...>

John & All...
Yes, and it's clean as a whistle and no corrosion but has a blemish on one side of the cover (no biggie).
For someone who's wanting a short shaft could use it with an adjustable transom bracket. Motor also has a tilt up lock lever for increased elevation if needed.
I may be prompted for a lower price if interested :) ...

I remember one time after I had my Campcruiser ready to float Jim Ballou, Pat Patson and my self launched at Bernet Landing. In all the excitement I pushed off and then pulled the rope on Primary 5 Horse Johnson ('52 or '53) and had a pretty serious gas leak that wasn't apparent the day before. I had a 2 HP on a bracket so I prepared it to run...pulled on rope and it was frozen! What the heck...
Well come to find out the problem was the centrifugal clutch was stuck somehow and crank wouldn't spin but it did the day before, same with the Johnson...Go figure. But I did have a good pair oars that worked fine. I was so enbarsed, come on man! 
There are some things that we don't have control over.

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