Re: Just back in -- New Plan


Sounds about right, John.  I don't want too much, but enough to cruise about the same speed.  With the 3rd pack removed, I'd have an easy 160 lb lighter, and a gassie would be maybe half that, easy to balance out.  I figured I could carry up to 100 b, , less would be better, even more so if there was a remote tank forward.  When I get the twins done, and back to Dexter would work well.  I think a 3 hp Evinrude light twin like I used to have would be sweet, but they are all 2 strokers, that I know of.  They worked so well though !!!

I need to call the repair parts folks today, my motors dis assemble differently than the ones on a stick, makes the points plates on the back side look a bit snug fitting with the magnets pulling (snapping !! ) the armature back through and short leads.  I pulled my neck a bit doing all the removals on my back upside down under Surprise.  Not going to remove all those epoxied in holding bolts without damage.  Solution is to use a neck brace maybe a pillow too,  to avoid twisting the wrong way -- again. 

I can check a couple coot eateries today as well, got town stuff to do.   Later, and thanks,   Cal 

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