Thursday lunches, -- another look at this


Just crossed my mind that there are places that could be good for meetings.  If it's warmer, then any patio would work, like TJ's here in Creswell on the I-5 offramp.  Good food, big patio, indoors or outdoor areas,  decent prices, and fresh air.  That's the biggest one, but maybe I know of a couple others, 3 or 4 places, close to major roads, in Eugene.  There are two at the big "Y" or close, if the coots wanted I could do a scoot review and drive to several to ask if they would like the business.  We might get a reserved area like before, but I could do that today or tomorrow, if wanted.

Another easy choice would be the Pizza place ( Rapids ?? ) in Glenwood, on the river and a huge indoor space with big windows, maybe for rainy days if that ever happens.  There are probably more that would work for coots, preferably outside with cover and some space.  I can look there this am and see if they would like to have us, and it is right on the river near the putting green venue.  in fact they have a separate conference room I have been in  Good big salad bar and pizza place. 

Also "Wetlands" comes to mind, as I recall a big open place with super burgers, but there are two fairly close in the area.  Maybe John and I could review a couple for our size group ??

Maybe options, shall I do research on this ??    ---  Cal 

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