Richardson Marina Survey and Lunch, This Thursday


If we use a kayak, as bob suggests, we wouldn't need to have a guard Coot to scare the hungry carp away. Thankfully, the Fern Ridge carp aren't the kind that'll jump into your boat trying to get you. <g>

Let's give Bob's idea a try. We should start a bit earlier than the usual Thursday lunch at 1:00. Say 11:00? I'll be there, and we need at least one other Coot to do the job.

It is about a hunnert feet between the main docks. The finger docks aren't aligned with their counterparts on the dock next door, and we'll have to make our own reference points on the inner part of E Dock, where there's only alongside mooring. At least there won't be any boats in the way. <g>

Here's a calibrated satellite image with info to import it into nav programs that can use raster charts. Maybe Mark can get started drawing a map to plot our soundings in. <g>

On 9/12/2021 11:27 AM, Bob L wrote:
Good project, John.  After we talked about this, I walked along the marina thinking about what the issues might be.  One thought was that sharp objects might be down there.  Another is that, in places the blue-green algae stuff is showing up, and that should be avoided.
As an alternative, how about if a line was tied to each end of a kayak, about 100 ft long.  The line would have tape marks every 10 ft.   Two people would move the kayak back and forth between docks at the center of each slip.  The line handlers would not go out on fingers.  The kayak guy would have a calibrated pole, of course.  This might be pretty fast and minimum time would be spent learning where the measurement person was at.  The slip numbers obviously set a coordinate system.  I have 100 feet of floating polypropylene line.  Most people must have some of that yellow stuff.  BiMart for sure.  I could bring a kayak on Thursday.    Bob
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