Just back in -- New Plan


Just as soon as I get Surprises motors back together, and coming soon I hope !!  I will buy a good but probably used about min. of 3 to 5, or even 6 hp short shaft outboard for the well in Surprises stern.  I have seen a couple I like, by Yamaha or similar.  I figure that I doesn't have to turn, just sit in the well and run.  With a remote throttle and stop button, I would hope to control the speed for cruising, and stop it for using the electrics.  Like Dennis tug, a better way to cover longer distances faster than electrics might.  Good for extra push in currents.  Can't have the aft cover in the way, needs access to start the motor, but might figure that out by folding the cover out of the way.  All parts in for E-motors, get going on that first.

Wish I had something to try first, might be too much weight aft, maybe with less battery I would work ??  After the new parts get in, I can research this before a purchase.  If any coots have ideas, that would be good.  If I can get my hands on a ( rental,trial, for sale or ?? ) motor that would be good also.  I don't want to create a "sea cow"  but an extra different 4 stroke outboard power source that balances out would be a plus.

Good to be back in town, see ya ....  Cal

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