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Ah, one of those Honda "80" motors. A friend of mine found one in a shed on his property and offered to sell it to me cheap. He said it was 80 hp., and I said I didn't want anything to do with a monster like that! <g> It wasn't until much later that I realized that it was probably an 8 hp. motor, when he mentioned being able to pick it up by himself... The fisherman's decal is less confusing than the original Honda one. <g>

That's not a regular V-belt driving the camshaft, it's a narrow toothed belt, like a timing belt on many modern car engines, or a Hardly final drive belt. I don't know anything about when, or which model, Honda outboards used timing belts. Some Tohatsu/Nissan/Mercury motors use them. Bartender George has one in his 19-footer. There's nothing wrong with timing belts, except that they wear out and have to be replaced at regular intervals, and they can deteriorate even when the motor isn't being used. But they are a lot easier to replace than timing chains or gears. <g>

On 9/11/2021 1:05 PM, Brian G wrote:
Had coffee at boat launch (above Willamette Falls at mouth of Tualitan R.) earlier and found this man getting ready to go catfishing and noticed the HP decal on cover. Also I've never seen a 4 stroke Honda with V belt driven valve train!
Fisherman said he purchased it used for $400, 5 years ago.
The belt whirrling with cover off could easily take a finger off. No shroud, but it looks original condition. Smooth running outboard.

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