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The brass stand looks like it's made to hold something easily removable. It's definitely not a binnacle to hold a compass, but it may have been bolted down to a bridge wing of a ship to hold a pelorus for taking relative bearings. Or maybe those really high-powered binoculars you see in some WW II movies. Anything that they might want to bring inside when not in use...

You're a sucker for interesting old stuff, Brian, but $200 makes that stand a lot less tempting. ;o)

On 9/10/2021 9:03 PM, Brian G wrote:
John, That chunk of brass was claimed to be a compass stand on a P T Boat. Humm $200 bucks. So I emailed the "BRASS" that has restored the - P T 658 - here in Portland .
After forwarding imiges and waiting it was determined that it is not original equipment for a Torpedo Boat! So that's why I'm not buying.
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