Almost tempted to go Backward


When Surprise was first built, before even OR stickered, Myles Swift and I snuck on Dexter, and on Fern ridge, almost got caught by the marine cops.  The point is that even without gps at the time, we had a good time.  One boat, two guys, two batteries, and a 50 lb Minn Kota clamp on motor.  We turned way faster, made decent time, and had zero problems.  The next step was trying to get to planing speed, which was a fruitless effort because it's not that kind of boat, really.  My design was pretty good, but overpowering with the heavy twin motors could have been the wrong way to go, right up front.

I could have not needed more than the 12 volt MK 50, and two batteries, saved a lot of complexity, system service, cost out of pocket, certainly weight in he water.  Now six years later, with the latest motors, and improved batteries that could have been even more doable.  Might be able to do that at a better price, service ability, and way lighter weight.  I see other boats doing that very well.  The extra power may help with tidewaters, but reducing the weight by 4 batteries and the twin motors, leaving only two batts., so lighter power train by maybe 400 pounds might do that too.   Removing all underwater motor drag and skegs, could do a lot for handling.

A case could be made similar to the guy who has a great speedy little skiff, that does everything pretty well.  Then he adds a fore deck for storage, side rails for spray, a cuddy for weather, a bunk for comfort, remote steering, trolling motor, and more gear.  Shoot, now it doesn't get out of its own way, the wind blows it around the lake, so on comes a bigger motor, now the hull sinks its butt, and shortens the water line, plus extra batteries, gas tanks, to push the extra weight.  The cabin allows more range, so more gas again, battery needs for lights.  Pretty soon it won't be fun, too much servicing, so you build or buy another boat, and off the whole thing goes again, except now we're older, somewhat smarter, but less mobile, so the cruise of life and boat ownership continues.  I had what, 5 - 6 or more boats at once, being down to one boat chafes a bit.  Now I want another boat with a bigger motor to get on plane, aargh !!   What I should like is a head adjustment to accept that less really is more..   What I can deal with, is adjusting what I have back a bit.  The Twins stay cause they are there, the better batteries get dialed back to 4, cause that's lighter, and the trips are day or tent camps, or motel.  Life is good, boat on !!!

The twins are almost rebuilt, after that it's time to get back into water again, See Ya There,  ---- Cal                  


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