Re: Just chatted with Minn kota tech guy


I stand corrected, brushless  motors are most likely to last longer, and put out more power so thats great.  I also am well and truly convinced that ther are better batteries available with higher output, and lower weight.  No contest gentlemen, as to quality.

Where I have a problem, and not so unusual  is that I have less time to do stuff.  I Don't  do multi day trips anymore, or without a motel.  Just not as spry, nor is Surprise a camper type of cruiser.  Day trips are fine, then I recharge both boat and me.

So, I just don't  need the latest and most speendy components to do that.  I have extra batteries that I'm  removing to save weight.    But they are Not more than125 bucks each for a pair.  Got a decent 4 pack for 500, plus the motors for 800  thats enough expense for my uses. Say 1500 to 2000, that's enough for my power needs, many get along for lots less.  Gas also has more range, but at several known costs.  No problemo different strokes, better options with, more room, younger bones, extra pesos and ability to go further.  I figur I'm  doing OK for about 83, just getting on with getting fu

Later Coots,   best wishes,   Cal   

ps, motors ready, parts coming, new keels, what's  not to like..   

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