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Dr Petra and I accompanied Bo Neil and Dan Mulholland on Glencannon last year and we had basically smooth going. A bit of fog......some rain......a little rough chop in one of the passages caused by wind....  , but nothing daunting. One does have to keep an eye on the shipping traffic as it moves quickly and can appear quite suddenly from around a curve: DON’T want to cross in front of them without plenty of lead time.
Dr. Petra is operating on 9.9hp and cruises easily between 4.5 & 5.5kn. with occasional 
Bursts  of 6.5+in. Bo had to run ahead at times to keep from flattening the cam on his V8. Bar Tender, but most of the time he stayed with me and I was able keep 5.5 to 6 kn average speed. I hope you find this info helpful and I look forward to going on the trip again.

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Thanks much, Myles for the information.  It would be nice if Earl could post some observations from last year's trip, especially since it's the same season we might be doing this.  I'd be curious how the wind and tides affected them.

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 Even if I could count on being able to and allowed to charge my pack at Cathlamet, I’d still need to bring a genset and at least the one charger. 

I believe it was one of the last gaterings we had in Cathlamet that Harvey brought his electric cruiser up from Astoria, spending a night in Steamboat Slough before arriving.  He moored with us for a whie and then moved over to a dock with electric power for re-charging.  You'd have to contact him to see if he had to pay or just did it on the sly.

Here's what I wrote to Elaine as a possible itinerary.  But nothing's set in stone. Maybe some would rather drive to Cathlamet on Friday and on Monday, come upstream for a night before returning to Cathlamet and heading home? Or come a day earlier and join up at Walker Island float?  We need to make sure we all have each other's cell phone numbers if we are going to try to meet up on the water. 

Wednesday at Sand Island
Thursday at Walker Island Float 
Friday at Cathlamet
Saturday at Cathlamet
Sunday at Cathlamet
Monday at Walker Island Float
Tuesday at Sand Island
Thursday back home

But I’m game… J  I’ve been wanting to make it down that way for a long time.  On generator power alone, the boat gets about 16mpg at 4-5kts as I recall.

It will be a new experience for me, for sure, so it will certainly be better to do it with others.  


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