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Myles Twete

I’ve done the trip to the Cathlamet Boat Fest twice, starting at Caterpillar Island below Kelley Pointe.  The trip downstream we did in 2 days, anchoring behind one off the islands just downstream of Rainier.  Staying a night at Sand Island would be nice also and would make the trip more leisure.  In 2005, as I recall, the total downstream cruise time (~45miles) was about 11 hours.  I think I used about 100amp-hours (36v) from my battery pack and 220amp-hours from the genset, burning about 1.5gallons of gas.  The trip upstream used about 2x the energy.  Instead of 1 battery charger at 20amps, I used 2 of them (40amps) and barely made it upstream to Rainier to tie up for the night---needed about 55amps just to make progress against the current, rolling into the marina about 10pm and was more than 200amp-hours down on the battery pack.  Took 2 days going upstream also, with Sunday being a slow slog from Rainier, fighting the tide.  Best to add a day and only go with the winds and tides.  The afternoon winds tend to be high and from the NW.


On that trip, I rolled into my marina having drawn more than 300amp-hours from my pack.  These days, I have a lot more capacity in my pack (700amp-hours at 42v).  I can easily do the downstream trip solely on electric.  Even if I could count on being able to and allowed to charge my pack at Cathlamet, I’d still need to bring a genset and at least the one charger.  But I’m game… J  I’ve been wanting to make it down that way for a long time.  On generator power alone, the boat gets about 16mpg at 4-5kts as I recall.




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Hi Elaine,


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Is one of the stops Sand Island park?


Could be.  As of now, dates, destination(s), stops are all to be determined.  :-)


I can see it as the gathering and starting place for the trip downstream. If we want to be at Cathlamet for the weekend, we would need one or two nights to get there.  The same for returning.  You free for that long?


I'm attaching a jpg satellite image of the river with waypoints shown that I've gathered for my database project.  The PDF of mileage charts to Cathlamet was sent in an earlier email.  Between those, one can get an idea of what's along the way and how far between the places.


Hope this helps.




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