Just chatted with Minn kota tech guy


Very interesting! Andrew got my "full boat" order cancelled, and we put together what I needed to redo the twins.  Yes, the Q armature is the upgraded one as I found out earlier.  The other parts from the list are good except for one that he recommended I replace part of not the whole thing, saved $$ there.  The cost got shaved from $ 479.00 to around $ 100.00  and that included a new set of brushes just in case.  I will have to have the armature cleaned, not a big deal locally.  A lot cheaper than replacing major parts on many motor items.

The reason for the slippage is carbon build up, for motors used as prime propulsion, Andrew suggested stopping for a few minutes about every hour or so to let the motors cool down.  That saves brush life, and the time between cleanings gets longer.  Another point he brought up is that MK is sticking to brushed motors for the present.  The corporate view has always been to keep it simple and repairable.

The Totquedoos, and newer "Non" brushed motors are not serviceable by normal means, or with a phone call for parts, like I did.  In most cases you throw the motor out, or replace the whole thing as designed,  That creates a lot more waste, and expensive rebuilds.  My cost of $50.00 per motor should last another 8 --12 years as designed, full power use is shorter of course.  The call was very helpful, and I feel better about doing this, and saving decent bucks, by getting accurate information without a sales pitch.  Yes, i'm glad I have the latest armatures, and now the parts are coming to do a better rebuild job, on any MK motor.

Thanks Coots, hope this "just now" info, helps others with these motors, ----   Cal

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