Re: September Messabout?

Mark Neuhaus

Hi Elaine,

On Sun, Aug 29, 2021 at 7:10 PM elaineginader <elaineginader@...> wrote:

Is one of the stops Sand Island park?

Could be.  As of now, dates, destination(s), stops are all to be determined.  :-)

I can see it as the gathering and starting place for the trip downstream. If we want to be at Cathlamet for the weekend, we would need one or two nights to get there.  The same for returning.  You free for that long?

I'm attaching a jpg satellite image of the river with waypoints shown that I've gathered for my database project.  The PDF of mileage charts to Cathlamet was sent in an earlier email.  Between those, one can get an idea of what's along the way and how far between the places.

Hope this helps.


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