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Trying to delete just the Big attachment, I managed to delete John's whole message! <sigh> Here it it is, for posterity, minus the file, which is now here:

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Subject: Re: [oregoncoots] Using OpenCPN
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2021 09:09:07 -0700
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Of course if you can find another Harmonic file..... <>

The file is in a compressed folder so you will have to extract the file itself.  I've attached the file, hopefully it will get through(big file).

Also on the page is a list of all the stations.  Lots of them!

Once you have the file it is just a matter of adding the file (dataset) in the Tides & Currents settings.  If you leave the original file you will have a lot of duplicates, so you will probably want to remove it.  Removing it does not delete the file, just quits using it.  With Android you may want to copy the location of the original file;  my file manager would not see the file location.

Attached is a screenshot of tides for Portland area.  Several more than what came with OpenCPN.  :-)

John A.

John <>
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