Re: Using OpenCPN

Bob Larkin

Good Morning All - John W, as Mark N described works for me with Route visibility.  This was with Linux, OpenCPN 5.4.2, but I think it works on the tablet.

John K - The Play Store on Android has the Dave Register app "OpenCPN User Manual."  It does not seem to have been customized for Android Tablets, but does have information that applies.

Different topic of chart selection.  On the laptop, the chart tabs at the bottom show full chart descriptions when you mouse-over a tab.  This makes chart selection easy and I run without quilting to have control over what I see.  But, on the tablet, there is no mouse-over .  The only way I have been able to use this is to put small collections of charts into directories (quite a few directories).  Then Tools/Charts allows the proper directory to be found and a chart rebuild is easily done.  For instance, for the Yaquina R. and Newport, I have a directory with 18003, 18581-1 and -2 plus John K's topo maps for the upper river, -3 and -4.  The 18003 prevents blank areas outside the detailed charts so you know where you are.  This makes 5 tabs show at the most.  If you choose to do quilting, this usually gives the result you want.  Q: Does anyone have a better way?  The goal is to not spend time, on the water, hunting for the right chart.

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