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Definitely. Larimar is a spirited racehorse and would respond very well to having a well-tended mainsheet. :o) Not to mention the safety aspect.

If you do cleat the mainsheet with a camcleat, clamcleat, or "friction deal", make sure you can easily release it. Pickle came with clever roller/camcleat gizmos for the two mainsheets (loose footed mainsail, sheeted like a jib) that mounted in the oarlock sockets. One day I was out on Fern Ridge when I saw a 20-something keel boat get knocked down by a freak gust down off Richardson Butte. It happened in an instant! The boat popped back up, but the skipper probably needed a change of underwear. <g> I didn't feel a thing where we were a few hundred yards away...

To release Pickle's mainsheet I needed to lift it over my head to release it from the camcleat on the gunwale; not something I could do in an instant... I got rid of the clever gizmos Louie had made, putting plain rollers in the oarlock sockets, and a single clamcleat mounted on the aft end of the centerboard trunk, right next to my knee. It's harder to cleat the sheet, but much, much easier to release it quickly. :o)

Pickle has no purchase for the sheets, and loose-footed (boomless) sails pull harder on their sheets, too. In a good breeze it's tiring to hold the sheet all the time. In fact, in a good breeze I have to head her up to pull the sheet in. Belaying the sheet is a necessity with her. If you've got a less primitive rig, with an easier mainsheet to handle, you'll sail better, and safer, if you keep the unbelayed sheet in your hand all the time.

Do as I say, not as I do. ;o) I'm a lazy sailor...

On 7/26/2021 7:05 PM, elaine wrote:
Hey John would holding onto the sheath work for Larimar too?
I'm glad you're getting your sailing confidence back. While it's handy
to belay the sheet, in a small boat you should make sure you can
instantly release it, if necessary. When it's windy or blustery keep
sheet in your hand so you're ready to let it loose. Better yet, don't
belay at all, so you can ease the sheet in gusts and pull it back in
when the wind eases.
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