Proa Raven (was: First Instalment of Salish 100 Photos)


Raven started life as a breakdown proa from Gary Dierking's book on proas. She can be taken apart on the beach and loaded into a pickup. John, the builder, found her a handful with the big original single crabclaw sail, so he gave her the present two masted dipping lug rig. I've watched him shunt (Pacific proas swap bow and stern instead of tacking) and I still don't know exactly goes on. <g> I was talking to Joe Grez, from Electric Paddle, in Kingston and he said Raven was a physicist's dream boat, because of the need to balance all kinds of forces to sail and steer the boat successfully. I hadn't told him that John actually _is_ a physicist! ;o)

During this Salish 100 I heard a call on the radio asking for someone to check on Raven, because it looked like she was in trouble. I figured John was just shunting her. <g>

More photos:

On 7/25/2021 7:55 AM, Case wrote:
What is up with Ravon? Quite the coltish rig.
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