Tenderly gets in the water again


Well 5 or so years ago when I first took my shellback up to Hagg lake I got the rigging caught in my life vest and capsized.  Wooden boat so still floating and a nice fellow towed me back.  After some rigging changes, with Coots help, all was well and I sailed it for 3 years.

Well now the Tenderly.  Took it up to Hagg lake a couple months ago.  Feeling pretty good.  Light winds with occasional gusts.  I locked my tiller lock, and locked my main sheet line to one of those friction deals.  Here comes a gust, took that well and then a little more and, WHAT, I'm capsized again, just like before.  Another good boater towed me back.  

Well I found that the dagger board was held down with what looked like (trying to see under the seat) kind of a pencil on a string.  Well it broke and the dagger board came out with the gust of wind.  Now wonder she capsized.  Soo after coming up with a large metal eye bolt and locking wing nut to keep the dagger board down I tried Hagg Lake again.  Ahh that works better.  I needed that to get my confidence back.

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