Francois Vivier and John Welsford (attn: Paul)


I was sitting on the throne looking at a not very old issue of Small Craft Advisor when I came to an interview with Francois Vivier, and was reminded that we were talking about his boats at the Coots lunch last week, and John Welsford's. Paul B wasn't familiar with the designers. Well, Paul, here they are:

The Ilur seems to be the most popular Vivier design over here. Ron Mueller in Bellingham built one. Gary Brown in Aloha built a beautiful Morbic 11, and brought it to the Depoe Bay show, and one of out lunch messabouts on the Freeway lakes.

John Welsford's best known design nowadays is the Scamp, but his Navigator and Pathfinder are also popular. We see John at the Port Townsend Festival, when he can make it.

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