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That was my thought as well: this trailer is stolen if it didn't have a VIN.

On Thu, Jun 17, 2021, 3:20 PM Randy Torgerson <coots@...> wrote:
When I read " they can assign a VIN" I thought stolen trailer. I have owned three EZ Loader trailers all of them have come with VIN's.

My insurance agent said that if I wanted my truck insurance to cover the trailer, the trailer needed to be registered. Anything on the trailer is not covered by the truck insurance regardless whether the trailer was registered or not but would be my my home owners policy.

I have trailer insurance as part of my boat insurance.


On June 17, 2021 10:27:51 AM PDT, Case Turner <dirtsailor2003@...> wrote:
Yep the main reason I title all my trailers is theft. My insurance agent told me long ago that if the trailer is stolen having it titled and registered makes it a lot easier to get your claim processed in a timely manner. 


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On Jun 17, 2021, at 10:10 AM, Richard Green <chaos5@...> wrote:

My experience with trailers has been from WA to OR can occasionally be tedious but doable. Along with your experience, I always register trailers that are anywhere near marginal and sometimes less than near as a title makes things so much easier despite having to pay to renew. Trailer theft is the defining factor at times. Having said that the trailer my 13’ Livingston sits on is not titled as the all up weight is so low.


On Jun 17, 2021, at 2:33 AM, Case Turner <casesturner@...> wrote:

When I bought my cargo trailer (from a dealer new) just under 1,000 pounds (3,000#gvw) it wasn’t required to be titled or played. I went ahead and payed to title and register it. Same for the flat bed utility trailer I bought years ago, same dealer.

Probably a non issue and if one wanted to title and register it it probably wouldn’t be much of an issue as long as the guy has all of the original paperwork.

When I bought the Elver from the guy in Montana the trailer had no documentation but had been licensed in Montana. I got a bill of sale for it. Was easy trip to DMV to get it registered.


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On Jun 16, 2021, at 10:55 PM, Richard Green <chaos5@...> wrote:

Hmmm, I just fully read the story on it. The guy is wrong when he says OR doesn’t register a trailer lighter than 1800 lbs. It’s the trailer and load that must weigh less than 1800 lbs so with a at least a 900 lb boat on this trailer it needs to be titled. It suggests to me there may be no title……...

Not sure what this means for the trailer if anything. Could be an issue in titleing about ownership.

Rich G

On Jun 16, 2021, at 9:08 PM, John Kohnen <jkohnen@...> wrote:

Rich G spotted this:

On 6/14/2021 8:01 PM, Randy T wrote:
[Need a Tolman Trailer]

John <jkohnen@...>
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