Re: spare V-6 truck?

Case Turner


I feel your pain. I started looking for a new truck right after the pandemic hit. I wish I’d pulled the trigger before that or even 8 months later. 

Buying a new vehicle is definitely a new process. I had to put a deposit down to hold the truck. The deposit was refundable if I decided not to buy the truck. 

Actually it was nice not having to haggle and do all the typical sales stuff. 

I’m all set for years to come now! 


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On Jun 15, 2021, at 4:22 PM, Mark Neuhaus <moonlitturtle1934@...> wrote:

Hi Jove,

On Tue, Jun 15, 2021 at 2:02 PM Jove Lachman-Curl <jovelc87@...> wrote:

Does that mean you'll be selling the Tacoma?
If so let us know, I have a friend who's looking. He's 29, and recently got his contractors license. 

I'm assuming you are addressing this query to me about my Tacoma.

When I started looking for a brand new Tacoma, minimally equipped, I found that they were few and far between.  Then the chip shortage hit and it's bye-bye to my quest.  And of course, the used truck prices went through the roof also.  

So, unless someone points me to a good deal, I will wait it out.  I know I can safely launch the Tolman with my truck at the moorage where I've stored it in a lot since buying it last year. I've towed it to the Scappoose area as a test, but that's a fairly level stretch of road.  Getting it to Toledo or Cathlamet would entail large hills.  I figure I can use it in the Portland area, and even take it by water to Cathlamet.  And I can take my lighter Moonlit Turtle to Toledo, something I've done many times.

Even if I did find a truck, I'm afraid my brother has been hounding me to sell it to him at a "family" discount.  :-)   So I won't be able to help out your friend, sorry.



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