Re: Looking For Boat Trailer

Randy Torgerson


I am considering renting a trailer if another solution does not present itself.  In addition to the great trailer and Tacoma V6 shortage there are also the great helm seat and outboard motor shortage.  I ordered the helm seats several months ago and they may arrive later this month or early next.  I am paying full price for them but I don’t have to pay until they ship.  I have been told that outboard dealers are asking for 50% deposits and prices above list for the motors.  The Suzuki 90 that I want for the main motor has a 5 month wait time which means I won’t get it this season; I have decided to wait before ordering it.  I am going to put my 9.9 kicker on the Tolman for launching and retrieval but I would not like to take the Tolman to Cathlamet only using the kicker.  

The Tolman won’t be finished by August but I am hoping that I have completed enough that at least I can have some fun with it this summer.  


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