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Pat picked up an unfinished V-bottom "northern skipjack" hull years ago. A very interesting boat; a V-bottom version of the New York sloops that evolved into the infamous sandbagger racers. In later years many boats like this were converted to power, and worked well as relatively low-powered workboats. (I think the image of Sucher's sail plan was distorted, I think it should have proportions closer to Chapelle's drawing):

Pat's skipjack was safely stored under a tarp shelter until a snowstorm several years ago destroyed it. Pat tried to keep the boat dry under tarps, but as his health deteriorated he couldn't keep up. <sigh> Kay hasn't uncovered the boat yet to see what condition it's in. This could either be an interesting, big project for someone looking for an unusual and useful boat, or a heavy-duty trailer with a pile of rotten wood on it. The hull was built to the plans in Harry V. Sucher's book, Simplified Boatbuilding: the V-Bottom Boat, and is plywood-planked. There's also a centerboard and a rudder. It's a Big 20-footer, and would probably be a lot of fun to sail with a bunch of Coots aboard. It could also be made into a nice inboard motorboat. At any rate, it's gotta go sometime soon so Kay can sell the property.

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