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Myles Twete

I once rented a trailer from Fairview Marine in order to launch The Reach of Tide...if all you need is to get the boat launched near Portland, then cruise to Cathlamet and back, maybe something like that could work.

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Kay said she has some trailers Pat collected while trying to find the "perfect" trailer for their PK-20. There might be something you can use out there.

On 6/13/2021 10:59 AM, Randy T wrote:
My Tolman 21 Foot Widebody has been proceeding and I wanted to bring
it to the Cathlamet Wooden and Classic Boat Show and the memorial
messabout in Toledo also in august. Unfortunately the great boat
trailer shortage has thrown a wrinkle in my plans. I was quoted March
of 2022 for the trailer I wanted. So I am looking for a used trailer
that I can borrow, rent or buy. I need a trailer that can load at
least a 20 foot boat (21 foot preferred) and have a weight capacity of
at least 2600 lbs (2800 preferred).

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