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The motor is a 1969 Evinrude 4HP “Yacht Twin”. Those things are just about indestructible, and the parts that can fail are still available.

I'm afraid you're right about odd little homemade boats not bringing top dollar, and it's hard to find a a buyer who'll appreciate them as well. <sigh> When I get a couple of recent photos I plan on listing it on the Pocket Yachters for sale page. That'll reach some folks who like our kind of boats.

The article Pat wrote for Duckworks pretty well says everything about the construction and performance of his Scandal:

A while back the NW School of Wooden Boatbuilding built a batch of Scandals, and called them _rowboats_! Somebody there was unclear on the concept. <g> I'll bet that wouldn't have happened on Pete's watch. ;o) The Atkins designed a bunch of good flat-bottom skiff rowboats, and combination oar and outboard boats they could have built if they wanted rowboats...

I knew I could count on Pete. :o) When the School built a Scandal in 2013 there was none of that nonsense about calling it a rowboat. <g> I wonder if seeing Pat's Scandal at the PT Festival is what prompted the NWSWB to build them?

On 6/11/2021 10:23 PM, David G wrote:
I took a peek at it the other day when I was out there also, and it looked like it hasn't suffered at all from a long outdoor (under tarp) storage. Pat did his usual solid job of construction. The outboard was a good, reliable, runner every time I was around it. Paint job is Pat's usual good/not fancy work.
Hard to know how to price it. Boat, trailer, outboard, oars. Maybe $1,00 - 1,500? It's really worth more than that... but hard to sell a quirky used boat. Maybe if advertised at the right venue??
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