Pat Pateson's Scandal For Sale


I had a long talk with Kay this evening. She's beginning to clear out the shop and boats on her property, and specifically wanted help selling Pat's Scandal.

I'm terrible about placing a value on boats. I have no idea what Scandal (the boat's name as well as its design) is worth. Can any of you Coots help? What's this boat worth. Be honest. What would YOU sell it for?


Pat built the boat to William Atkin's Scandal design from the 1920s, but using plywood planking. Scandal was designed to get "high" speed from the 3 hp. outboard motors that were the norm Back Then, but also be a useful everyday boat. Pat's Scandal worked very well, going "fast" and being a good boat for just messing about:

Pat's boat is built very well, but he didn't use the best quality plywood. His son pulled it out of storage the other day and it was dry and in excellent condition. It's on a modified lightweight Hobie Cat trailer and comes with an early '70s vintage (or thereabouts, see pictures) Johnnyrude 4 hp. motor that ran good when it was parked, and has been stored in the shop. Kay said there's a set of oars from their Rapid Robert that she'll throw in. If I didn't already have too many boats I'd be awfully tempted to buy the Scandal. <g> It's a handy sort of boat to have around. Quick and easy to launch and retrieve. Doesn't use much gas. Good for poking around the interesting corners we Coots like. :o)

You can find discussions about building Scandal in the group archives:

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