Re: Fern Ridge Depths (was: Darn Burgee Escaped over the Winter)


I think you may have been standing on what's left of Royal Avenue, which used to cross the lake to Elmira (and was probably named "Elmira Road" then). If so, you were taking a bath where I've driven my car in the winter, long, long ago, when the pavement hadn't all washed away and there wasn't a gate across the road. <g> There aren't any natural piles of rock in Fern Ridge, just that one big glacial erratic boulder out there somewhere. Navionics shoulda shown the old road, as it sticks up a ways from the mud. They also don't show thew low dams, 4' below full lake level, the Corps put in several years ago to retain water behind Gibson island in the winter for waterfowl. They're probably just awash now. They also show only Docks A-D at Richardson. The "new" docks A-D and the "new" E Dock. were put in years ago.

Navionics is useful on inland waters, but take what they show with a grain of salt. "trust but verify!. <g>

On 5/9/2021 7:54 AM, Dan in Almostcanada wrote:
I'm thinking them Navionics boys and girls should come swimming, down by
Gibson Island, where i took a dip last month. I was standing on a rockpile
in waist deep water. I'm guessing this map shows 11 feet at about the same
spot...but, then, I was experiencing heatstroke similar to an Eskimo in
Miami that day. There was still snow on the ground at home when I left for
FR, so in my delirium, could have guessed at my location less than
accurately(?) dan.
John <>
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