Fern Ridge Depths (was: Darn Burgee Escaped over the Winter)


Ow! Those four-bladed props are expen$ive! :o(

Here's a screen capture of a Navionics chart for Fern Ridge, with the water depth adjusted to 4' low, the current condition. The light blue shading is 6' of water or less, the darker blue with dots is 3' or less.


I have no idea how Navionics gets its bathymetric data, so at this scale consider this just a general approximation (there's more than four feet around the Richardson marina), and if you use Navionics, at larger scales. "trust, but verify". <g> But you can see that there's still plenty of lake for little boats to sail in, and even the Big Boys with 4' or more draft, though their lake gets smaller.

The attachment is Mike Stanley's Pearson Packet out Wednesday evening. He plays a concertina too! ;o)

On 5/8/2021 8:49 AM, Dan wrote:
I keep leaving Walkabout's DS turned on, when hauling out on the trailer.
It seems to still be forgiving my error, with a short period of
"indecision," then back on the job. Anyhow, I ran all over FR with that
MUD & WEED bottom with my bottom of the line Humminbird unit with accuracy
to 1.5 feet below the transducer...then came home and promptly destroyed a
new 4-blade prop on a rockpile (with excellent signal "paint" and simple
incredulity on the captain's part). We have low water, here too...deep
sigh. dan.

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