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Though Fern Ridge is 4' below full, there's still plenty of it where a 3' draft boat can sail. Just be careful around the edges. If you touch bottom just pull the daggerboard up a bit. One of the 5.5s put in the other day, and it draws 4' 4" or so, and can't pull its keel up. <g> The Santana 20s draw 4'.

Cal's right that a depth sounder can be handy on a shallow lake, even in a little boat. The cheapest way to go would be a fish finder, even though you'd need a 12 volt battery to power it.

Wait a minute! Portable fish finders have got cheaper since the last time I looked (a few years ago). Anybody tried something like these? A Coot can probably cobble together a hull mount for the floating transducer.

On 5/7/2021 10:18 AM, Electri-Cal wrote:
John can tell you about how to get the water levels direct from the authorities,  I think 3 ft. would be a limiting factor unless you stick the going between Rtchardson, the dam, and mainly this end of the lake not so close to the edges.  The center has about 12 to 20 ft. now, but I mudded out at 3 ft. in the back of  the slips, the cove beyond the yacht club, and most all of the inland side beyond the point.  We're still pretty shallow, and if it were me, I would get a cheapie depth finder, some run on batteries, like the ice fishing ones.  Portable, and you know when it gets dangerous to proceed because of the depth alarm. Saved my butt a few times, even with no sail, but the motor hanging down. aka,  Triangle Lake and others look better than they are on the edges.
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