FERN RIDGE...day three...
Party's about over, I guess.  Dennis pulled up stakes about zero-six.  Earl, Jamie and I are standing by to unrig Elaine's rocket ship.  Then, the few of us remaining are planning a shoreline cruise of some sort.  Gonna be 90 today.  Jamie and I left home a few days ago, with a patch of snow out in the woods still holding on.  All I gotta say, is you can't wait for the weather.  Gotta go, and sometimes what you get, is what you want.  Thanks for coming along.  dan.

It's down to Walkabout and her crew of stalwarts.  We'll haul out first thing in the morning, and start that long, long hike  back uphill.  But, today was another opportunity to regain just a bit more normalcy.
The indiginous sailboats have started to appear.  So John with Lazy jack and crew Elaine, and us on Walkabout went out and about taking pictures, blowing the whistle, and shouting compliments across the water.  We stopped for lunch down at Signal Island.  Bob on Wave Guide came along, until the wind finally started up, and he was off chasing cat's paws.  Jamie sort of caused a bit of bruhaha when he discovered several geese sitting on nests of really-big goose eggs.  We visited several more beaches around the lake.  And, yours truly caused the authorities to issue a White Whale Alert.  I took the first swim of the season.
And, now.  We have the marina, and the lake all to our selves.  Blue skies, warm temps, and delightful people and their boats.  What else might you care to ask for, eh?

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