Fern Ridge Day Three of Three


FERN RIDGE, Day two...
As a small group of us sat on our boats, while rafted up in a cove up from Richardson Point Marina, we remembered one of our number who did not survive the pandemic.  We all agreed that Bob was a gruff, but caring fellow.  For years, an active member of our little group, known as the Coots.  Earl had painted a portrait of Bob on a happier time.  We had that with us.  We recited the lyrics to "Fiddler's Green."  And just "talked about things."  It was a nice thing to do--at the end of a day spent trying to be "normal."
The day started off for me, getting Elaine's sailboat rigged, launched, and underway.  Mission accomplished.  Everybody helped.  There was a quick sortie out to anchor and test competing anchor handling practices.  Endless gams of twos and threes.  On the dock.  On the boats.  
Yep.  A concentrated effort to just feel normal.  And, to be grateful.  Dan.

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