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It was a wonderful messabout! :o) It sure felt good to get together again with a codgery of Ol' Coots for BS and boating. We all had our Covid jabs, so we could relax and get together almost like old times. :o) It's not my fault -- Dan from Almostcanada was the instigator for the messabout. A while back he asked, "if I come to Fern Ridge in the middle of April would anybody come out and play with me?"

I think the best part was the raftup we did Saturday evening in the cove on the other side of the Yacht Club (it takes a lot of breath to say that all the time, I see that some Fern Ridge sailors call it Bang's Cove, after the farm family next to Richardson Park). We had dinner, then a little remembrance for Bob Mitsch, followed by a good BS session until the sun went down. We'll have to do that again! :o)

The County can be unfriendly, but the Richardson park management go out of their way to make the park users happy. I'll check with Sarah soon about a safe (from County park rangers) place to park unattached boat trailers.

I'm glad you've got Surprise set up well now, Cal. Stop fiddling with her and go have some fun! ;o)

It's really too bad there's no way to recharge batteries at the parks on Fern Ridge...

On 4/19/2021 7:03 AM, Electri-Cal wrote:
Good idea John !!  Gotta love those new docks, with good bumper rails ao the ramp also, hope they used stainless screws overall.  I think I will put Fern Ridge back on my list, with Dorena and Lookout, in season.. Cottage Grove lake is too low yet, Dexter too boring.   The weather was spot on, in my opinion, and summer is here mostly, could use a bit more water but we all floated, and the depth showed plenty, except 1ft. 4in. about 50 yards from the coot hangout on the far side.  I tried a couple places, no go there.   Good to see as many as showed up, and had to take care of some trailer rules, but there could be an area where those can be hitched, even if it costs a few bucks, maybe inside the fenced area behind the host trailer for a few who need to go into town without the trailer.  Not a big deal, but another thing to consider, I might bring some chain for the wheels, harder to steal with axles and tires locked on.  With the economy, that might be a good solution for ease of mind.
 I think I'll give the newest battery pack five stars, I ran at hull speed, with some fun hot rodding, for one full day, and one several hours before leaving.  Still had full throttle at the end, seems like plenty to go for a weekend, as long as cruise is at 4 mph gps, as hull speed.  I can feel the step,about there as the amps starts to rise, but only the sound increases and that's inefficient for good use.  Once again, electric works for hull speed cruising, so the longer and more efficient the hull, the way better the performance.  I would also venture to add that bottom rocker, or any curve is not helpful, rise and fall, or side leaning both have a slowing effect.  Electric likes flat, smooth, and calm a lot.  Might have done a 3 day weekend, but I need a better overall battery monitoring instrument, I put one in, but haven't hooked it up, because one day was enough sitting, and then went home.
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