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On my Jewelbox, Jr. I used a lift-off, lashed down, hard slot top for trailering and a soft top over PVC pipe "bows" (they were V-shaped with an L in the middle and whittled down Ts on the ends) with a bungee cord sewn into the edges that engaged hooks around the outside of the slot. Both worked good, but I never tried sailing with the slot top erected.

On 4/16/2021 7:06 PM, Ken P wrote:
Yes, I can clearly see the advantage of the hardtop for trailering or storage, particularly if it were leak proof or at least rainproof. Unless I wreck it by trying to make it hinge, I am sure that's how I will end up using it at a minimum. But I've also ordered the fabric and the hardware pieces to make a soft top, so one way or the other I'll get that slot covered.
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