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Jove Lachman-Curl

I've seen pretty nice cleats cut from a piece of white oak.

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After I'd launched today and we'd gone for a little boat ride and I'd
tied Lazy Jack up in her slip on E Dock, Earl told me that They
_finally_ replaced the bumper strips on the docks at the Richardson
launch ramp. But I didn't even notice! ;o)

The bumper strips on the finger docks on E Dock are in good shape. The
trouble is they only give us two cleats, right at the ends. :o( A cleat
near the middle is awfully handy, and not just for spring lines. I put
in another cleat on the port side of my slip, because, for no reason I
can think of, I like to moor my sailboats port side to the dock. But I
moor my motorboat, Lazy Jack, starboard side to the dock -- for a good
reason, the helm is on that side. There's nothing to grab or get a line
on within reach of the helm. <sigh> I think I've got another cleat

Last year I ran a line between the cleats on the port side of my slip to
have something to grab. Worked good.

I've found that one spring line works fine, but it sure doesn't hurt to
have more.

Earl used to have a wheel on the corner of his dock, but took it off
last year. This evening when we took Dr. Petra over to his slip he hit
the projecting chunk of wood that once held the wheel...

On 4/15/2021 3:53 PM, Jove wrote:
> I saw a slip at orchard point where someone had installed 8"
> diameter wheels on the corner of their slip entrance. Lots of the slips
> had extra fender strips of various types added.
> This might be obvious to all, but I've become a big fan of spring lines
> fore and aft. Then I rock, push and pull my boat to make sure she's set.

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