Re: Kens AF4B

Ken Preston

Thank you gentlemen, I appreciate the compliments to the lady of course, but actual examples of successful installations are a big help.  Cal, please clarify your use of weather stripping in the hatch cover(s).  I have used a cut open bike inner tube held down over the hinge by a pair of very light battens, but that was for a lid that only ever opened 90 degrees (top of the utility box on the tongue of a teardrop).  It works perfectly, but if you opened it 180 degrees the two battens holding the rubber would two-block on each other, so not a perfect solution.  Weather stripping actually in the joint??  That would open all the way, which is important, and I can just about imagine it holding out all but the worst storm rain. . .I've built what turned out to be a very pretty and neatly fitting one-piece lid, and have a stainless piano hinge coming for it, will cut it and add a bit of framing under the 1/4" plywood to hold screws from the hinge and strengthen that edge. . .and with maybe 3/4" of framing added to the 1/4" of plywood, I'd have an inch of "compression zone" to install weather stripping.  Was that your approach?  Thanks much,

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