Re: hand crank outboard


To try out the clamp on a prop, and cranked by hand concept, -- I'm serious by the way -- Grab an oar or 2 X 4, tie it to the dock with rope, and see how long you can swing that in a pattern like a yuloh, or try cranking a 2 inch wood drill bit with a hand cranked drill, and time how many minutes  or holes you can do, over say the 10- 15 minutes it could take to dock in some evening gusts, after a day sail.   Not being obtuse, but it will cost as much to buy a setup for cranking, as a small electric base motor, and I'll bet you would rather handle the boat than sit there cranking while also steering, getting lines, pushing off or etc. into the slip.  I have "dawn rowed" from Richardson to the small beach beyond the dam, where coots meet as a fun row, that was about 1 1/2 hours and maybe 1 mile, and a few years back

I did see a good shaft drive, with a Minn Kota prop and cable connection, that uses an electric drill with the larger batteries, that might work.  Got plans for one of those, but I'm kinda fond of using both hands to dock, and don't think the old joints really enjoy rowing except as an occasional fun project.  Also a good electric "mud motor" or stinger might be a good option, if sorta invasive.  Thanks for the ideas, I have been meaning to use the big sweeps I made for Surprise a  few years ago.  Not this show, as the rear deck has to be removed, and the seat moved to centerline to row.  Best for my age is electric, a friend along, or a good book, and a good sound system, on a sunny day,  

Later, See you there ----- Cal

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