I think the problem is just with the Lane County Parks reservation site. There's enough water for our little boats everywhere at Richardson. Call Sarah.


The action this weekend will be at Richardson. Orchard Point is easier to sail in and out of, but Richardson is a lot nicer park (sorry, Scott).

On 4/13/2021 11:36 AM, Jove wrote:
Dan, what do you draft?
I think because the water is so low, they don't want people choosing their own slips and getting stuck in the mud, or people with shallow boats taking all the deep slips.
Richardson is short of space, but there should be something. especially if your boat is shallow.
There is definitely space at Orchard point.
Call Scot Coleman, who manages who boat is best put where, 541 954 7223
or Cynthia at lane parks, who takes the money. 541 682 8509
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