Kens AF4B


Ken up on Bainbridge Island has been busy. Look great, Ken! :o) Looks like it'll be ready to hit the water before too long. He's pondering what to do for a slot cover now. He's starting with a hard lid. Any suggestions?

"I have made her a hard lid in the belief that I'll enjoy it very much in heavy rain, which I have to expect at some point if my cruise plans turn out to be realistic at all. We shall see. For first impressions though, the disadvantages of the hard lid are very apparent now that it's put together. In short, it's clumsy. It can't fit inside the cabin, you can't tend the anchor gear with it in place, and for sure, it will be hugely awkward swung out to one side or the other, but perhaps. . .we shall see. If I were to cut and hinge it so that it amounted to a fore-hatch and an infrequently moved cabin top it might work much better, and I do have some experience with making waterproof hinges for our teardrop camper. Access for anchor or tieup work forward would be easy, and if I wanted it out of the way, folded back on itself it would fit easily down into the cabin. Or of course, I could end up with a fabric top anyway. Watch this space for further details!"

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