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Did Sarah say that you need to get a parking pass even if you rent a transient slip? I hope you're mistaken about that. An overnight parking pass used to come with a slip rental. There's a discount on the season pass if you're over 62, but that's just the dawn to dusk permit. I guess they raised the daily parking fee another dollar to $5 this year. <sigh>
Still, we're a LOT cheaper than some of the marinas Up North. At Port Townsend it's $15 just to launch your boat! (but they do let you pull it out without additional charge). <sigh> When my late friend Dunaway had his boat up there he said that the only things that they know how to say at the Port Office are, "No!" and "pay here"...

Sarah is a treasure! :o) Before she was recruited to take over the concession for Richardson, we not only had a hostile County Parks management, we also had a TERRIBLE park host. <sigh> For a short while there was enlightened management at the parks Dept. Triton YC held a meeting with the Parks management where Fern Ridge users nicely told them what they could do to make the parks on the lake more appealing to users. They listened! :o) One of the things they did was recruit Sarah, and she really turned Richardson Park around. Now there's a rumor that they want to squeeze her out after this year. <sigh>

On 4/11/2021 4:52 PM, elaine wrote:
I just spoke with Sara (supper nice lady) there are slips available and yes they cost I believe 32.00 or something for the weekend and she says there are some available. Parking permits are 5.00 each day and with a slip you can access it with your boat. Seasonal passes are 40.00. Give her a call, she's very understanding.
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