Re: Good Girl Gets a Motor (was: Correcting my EARLIER Instrument Notes on EV Power)


A good size 27 is about right on a sail boat, with the next step up as two batteries of six volts each, one on each side.  Longer run time with twin 6 volts, for when the winds don't blow, or you want to motorsail back in.  The last lead acid batts. I got lately, have extra power, longer run time, at better cost to power, like 160 minutes at 25 amps - in 80 deg. temps.  They do that for $130.  My Minn Kotas use 15 amps each, smaller ones use less.  

Rough figures look to be about 100 amps before stop, so a lengthwise trip on Paulina lake with previous batteries.  Launched from the lodge, to camp, then back again to dock is about what I got on one trip with a lighter sail boat.  I would think most coot sail boats would be fine with that range.  Weather was calm on that trip, so evening winds mean you might need extra power to make it home, upwind still a problem.

I got stuck downwind on Dorena a few years back, had the Minn Kota at half throttle to help the sails get back to the dock.  Damn near didn't make that, keep power reserves for safety.  La Verne swamped the kayak and swam it back to shore, I could see her in the lake center, but no power to get out and back.  This at sundown !!  Enough to scare the poop out of us both !!

Later,  Cal 

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