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There's been another change in management at Lane County Parks, and they seem to have fired everybody who knew anything. <sigh> To reserve a slip at Richardson, call the _Richardson Park_ office:


The County is desperate for money, so be careful to display your season pass when parking at any on the parks. The way I've heard it explained -- I know it makes no sense -- is that the County doesn't have a law that lets them issue parking tickets, so They charge you with trespassing and slap you with a $140-some-odd dollar fine if you violate the parking rules. If you're a trailer sailer, be sure to get off the lake and out of the parking lots by sundown. They decided not to sell overnight season passes to anyone but slipholders. <sigh> I was also warned that They started enforcing a rule against parking trailers in the marina parking lots if they aren't attached to a vehicle. <sigh>

Please complain to Lane County Parks about these customer-unfriendly changes. Fines aren't the right way to fund the parks. Whenever you contact the County throw in a little praise for Sarah Ward and the wonderful way she's run Richardson Park. She and her crew hate the policy changes at least as much as we do.

On 4/11/2021 6:50 AM, Electri-Cal wrote:
Just tried to get this years prices on slips.  Apparently there are no slips available for the coots coming event, but I don't believe that.  I do believe the site is wrong, so Just have to show up and see what happens. ...
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