Re: Finishing cedar.

Richard Green

I used Deks Ole on Passage for years with good success.  Same sort of application, #1 wet on wet until wood is saturated, then you can leave it dry and that finish or add the gloss several coats.  It worked for me in lieu of varnish and no sanding between coats.  I did the Deks Ole #1 only on the interior, used the #2 outside on the cabin and hatches. Two or three coats #2 added to base coat lasted a year easily outside.


On Mar 24, 2021, at 12:32 PM, Jamie Orr via <jas_orr@...> wrote:

David, I've heard that the gloss coat isn't as easy to renew as the plain Cetol, that it's harder and needs sanding.  What's your experience with that?

On Wed., 24 Mar. 2021 at 11:42 a.m., David Graybeal via
The only problem with skipping the 'gloss' step - which people certainly do - is that the color coat alone doesn't hold up very well to abrasion. It rubs off. Even a single coat of gloss helps that a lot.

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